13 Food Items Of Our Daily Consumption that Can Cause Cancer


13 Food Items of Our Daily Consumption that can Cause Cancer

It is commonly not taken under consideration but regular food items can also lead to a major medical catastrophe such as Cancer. If we take a look at the statistics from just the last year we can see that almost 1.3 million people were diagnosed by with different types of Cancers and the numbers are still counting. This alarming situation definitely calls us to take a second look at our daily life food consumption and see what may be the reason that can cause the carcinogens and toxins to get through to our body and cause cancer. Here is a list of 13 food containing carcinogens and toxins that may cause cancer to human body.

1. Microwave Pop-corns:


In modern fast paced life, microwave instant popcorns seems nothing less than a blessing, but is this blessing really worth it? The bag these microwave popcorns come in, is made of a synthetic material known as Perfluorooctanic Acid (PFOA) this material is also seems to fouind in Teflon that is a type of plastic and causes major damage in form of Bladder, Kidney and Lungs cancer. The popcorn content itself is made up of soybean oil and artificial preservatives known as Propyl Gallate, these contents have been found to be the cause of skin rashes and stomach ache that may further lead to cancer as well. If it has not been mentioned on the bag that the corn that has been used is GMO corn, there are wide chances that corn that is being used in the bag is also synthetically generated.

2. Fizzy Drinks

fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks already seem to have a controversial repute when it comes to medical hazards attached with their consumption but let’s take a look that do all these myths really have some support in the contents of these drinks. It has now been medically proved that consumption of these drinks may lead to a higher chance of having heart stroke than any other food material. One serving of drinks has an excessive amount of sugar that is hazardous to human health. Too much sugar consumption can lead to reduction in insulin and inflammation resistance of human body that causes fatal damage to human immune system and healing abilities.

3. Canned Tomatoes

canned tomatoes

Canned food shall be avoid generally any way, however when it comes to the one being most fatal to the human health canned tomatoes seem to have that ability, because of its contents. It contains a material known as Biphenyl-A or BPA. When tested in the labs on rats it seemed to have severe results on their genes and brains. Tomatoes cause acidity and when they are canned and preserved for a long time this ability increases and results in fatal inferences.

4. Processed Meat

processed meat

A recent study about processed meats confirmed its hazardous abilities to cause major damage to human health and cause censer was the major buss among news as well as medical circles. Processed meat is the most used and consumed daily life food among our society, however the recent study also showed the statistics that 1 out of every 17 people dying is somehow due to processed meat. It is not meat that basically causes this fatal result it’s actually the preservatives and other chemicals, such as sodium nitrate, used in the processed meat that are really fatal to human health.

5. Farmed Salmon

farmed salmon

Because of the increasing demand of fish Consumption the farmed fish have taken over the market and now fish are grown in fish farms at very fast pace, just in the market of USA almost 60% of the consumed fish is basically farm raised. The fish are fed with ultra diets and steroids as well as antibodies and pesticides. Further the fish are injected with other chemicals to make their meat look red and more appealing, due to the reason the fish live in small ponds and large gathering they lack omega-3 fatty acids as compared to those that are raised in natural environment. Farmed salmon contains a high numbers of carcinogens and mercury that is thought to be the major reason for cancer.

6. Potato Chips

potato chips

Who doesn’t love crispy potato chips, but be aware this lovely treat can be the reason behind your major medical setback. This tasty snack contains a high level of fats and calories that is the major cause behind the increasing problem of obesity. It is full of trans-fats that causes major damage to your body and have high level of sodium that messes up your blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore they are added with colors preservative and artificial flavor that cause a major damage to your health as well. The high temperature frying to bring out the crisp causes the potatoes to generate acryl amide that works as a carcinogen and causes cancer. The baked potato chips are however a better choice.

7. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated Oils

Generally know as vegetable oil, hydrogenated oil is not directly extracted from vegetables, but it is chemically made through different sources. However the color and smell be really appealing but these oils normally contain omega-6 fatty acids that cause severe heart issues and skin cancer. This content affects your membranes and leads to major and more intense cancer situation. One is advised to use omega-r fatty acids and avoid the hydrogenated oils.

8. Smoked, Pickled, or Salted Foods

Smoked pickles and salmon


We all love to have smokes fish or any other meat however the recent studies have shown that such food falls in the category of the foods that are known to cause cancer to human body. In the process of smoking, salting or pickling the food, it reacts with nitrates or nitrites that is used as the preservative during the process, nitrate itself is harmless, however when it reacts with the food that generates N-nitroso it becomes the major cause of cancer. Such food may cause a major damage to stomach and be the reason for colorectal cancer.

9. Highly Processed White Flour

Highly processed white flours

Flour as we know it, is a source of energy and fibers to human body, however grinding the grains after a certain level destroys all its nutrients and leaves it with harmful contents also at the time when they are ground more than a certain level it releases chlorine gas from the flour and causes irritation when inhaled. The white flour also have high glycemic rates that increases sugar level and leaves a major affect on your blood flow.


10. GMOs


GMO refers to as Genetically Modified Organisms; it refers to the modified and synthetically grown vegetables and fruits. Such food items that are not gown in natural way can lead to cause major damage to human health and can be the reason for the cancer cells to grow and damage the human body.

11. Refined Sugar

Refined Sugar

Sugar in itself causes real damage to human body, when further processed it may be more hazardous and damaging to human body and health. When your body consumes sugar, the left over is further consumed by the cancer and tumor cells if there are any and that allow them to grow and get stronger within your body. This is why one should avoid sugar consumption directly as well in the form of other food items such as soda, sweets and other sugar items.


12. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweatners

For those who are on diet or consider themselves fat, they use artificial sweeteners to get away from sugar and all those calories. However they are unaware of the fact that these food items containing artificial sweetening may be causing them with further damage, as artificial sweeteners are reported to have Aspartame that causes your body to lose the immunity and also the ability to let insulin resist. Contents such Gastro Paresis and Cataracts causes a major blow to the blood flow and blood pressure.


13. Alcohol


In a modern society the amount of alcohol consumption is rapidly increasing, according to the statistics of more than 200,000 from last 14 years showed that those who had consumed at least one glass of alcohol a day had a 30% more chances to be affected by breast cancer. After Tobacco, Alcohol is considered to be the second major cause behind cancer. The major affected areas by alcohol are noted to be mouth, liver, colon and rectum and in females, breast cancer.

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