Friendly Reminder That Victoria Beckham Used To Dress Like This In The ’00s


We all know Victoria Beckham: style architect, lobbyist, and wife of world-renowned footballer David.

And also being an ex-Spice Girl…

… she’s likewise mother to the four most hereditary honored youngsters on the planet, presumably.

Furthermore, she’s likewise broadly design forward.

1. Yet, it hasn’t generally been like this. Back in the 00s – in darker times – Victoria used to shake up at celebrity main street occasions appearing as though she was trying out for Strictly Come Dancing.


2. She likewise postured like this, which 2015 Victoria would never do. 2015 Victoria has culminated her mark posture, and it is not this.


3. (FYI, her mark posture is this.)


3. 2015 Victoria wouldn’t appear to gatherings regarding her spouse in a silk bodice and boho-style maxi skirt.


What’s more, she particularly wouldn’t wear a marginally confounding glossy silk grip.

4. She wouldn’t go to occasions wearing hues this madly splendid, generally on the grounds that she doesn’t generally wear hues at all any more.


5. It is extremely unlikely she’d wear a dress that has this. Numerous. Hues.



White is fine. Dark is fine. Dark is fine. One shading is a push.

6. “It is extremely unlikely she’ll wearing dresses this beautiful in 10 years.” – those ladies out of sight, likely


7. She would never go to the Met Gala in this sheer metallic dress, since now she wears floor-length every single white outfit and looks totally faultless.


8. Also, it is highly unlikely that she’d wear pants with a checkered wash.


Honestly, nobody ought to ever wear pants with a checkered wash, even in 2001.

9. 2015 Victoria wouldn’t wear coordinating every white outfit with her spouse, since now on the off chance that they match, it’s dark tie or nothing.


Despite the fact that this look was absolutely notorious, so no one would point the finger at them for re-making it.

10. In any case, ’00s Victoria used to wear coordinating outfits with David on a really standard premise.


11. Like these coordinating newsie outfits, which would never fly with the ever-sleek Beckham family these days.


It’s conceivable that Victoria really made this dress out of a daily paper. Potentially.

12. It’s not only the coordinating outfits that have been jettisoned in the most recent decade: Victoria simply doesn’t shake silk like she used to. What’s more, that is slightly dismal.

(Additionally, again with the posturing? What’s up with that?)

13. We’ll never see this blue glossy silk aircraft coat – worn with nothing underneath – until the end of time.


14. On the other hand this white silk nightgown.

Tear, glossy silk furor of the mid ’00s.

15. These days, VB simply isn’t as… ahem… trial with style as she used to be. You wouldn’t see her wearing a flower, sequined, sheer shirt with a tutu in 2015.



16. She no more wears caps that could without much of a stretch be mixed up for parts of a feathered creature’s home.


17. On the other hand caps that could most likely give Pharrell a keep running for his cash.


18. Also, you’d never see 2015 Victoria sitting on the front column wearing pants.


19. Victoria Beckham wouldn’t wear a dress with this much skirt in 2015, on the grounds that Victoria Beckham is about smooth outlines and ~clean lines~ in 2015.


20. It’s not likely that the sway that motivated an entire era of ladies would show up in 2015. Furthermore, the zebra print dress and pink bra likely wouldn’t either.


21. Since 2015 Victoria no more has a bodice fixation that is so terrible she could most likely utilize a mediation.


22. Furthermore, she’s very consummated her posturing in the most recent decade.


23. Furthermore, above all, 2015 Beckham is a real style symbol.


Keep slaying, Queen Victoria


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