Funny Basketball Moments


Funny Basketball Moments

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Funny basketball stories

My group is playing Howard Grove. They are fairly an opponent at our school, yet for the most part they are simply viewed as the arrogant school by everybody. We are playing a ball game at home and in locker room getting prepared for the amusement. We are all raised on the grounds that this amusement is basically for second place in meeting so our mentor (infamous for not being great at motivating addresses) comes in so we kill the music. He then just stands at the entryway for a moment.At that point he begins flicking the lights on and off and shouting BE THE HAMMER! We have no clue what that should mean. Be the sledge, and flicking lights on and off. What is this, Kindergarten? We the players did our best not to snicker. We did go ahead to win however and that discourse is still recollected. At whatever point we expected to relax up and have a great time before ball games somebody would simply flick the lights and holler BE THE HAMMER!


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