Funny Boss Stories


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  1. Manager: “What the heck did you do to my PC? I’m entering my secret key, however all it’s giving me is seven reference marks!” Me: “Goodness, don’t stress. I changed your secret word to seven indicators.” Manager: “Gracious! Alright, much appreciated.” (keeps trying…)
  1. So our staff needed to assemble an advertisement and I messaged [boss] and said he might need to remove the ‘fuh shoooo’ since it doesn’t look extremely proficient. He answers: ‘FYI, ‘fuh shoooo’ is slang for ‘without a doubt. I am a dark young lady from long shoreline and a 55 year old white man is showing me slang.
  1. I leave new supervisor my home number on voice message out because of ailment. He calls me on a Sunday morning in the wake of discovering said number in his jeans pockets. Thought he got the number at a bar earlier night. When he understood his blunder, he couldn’t look at me without flinching once more. Treated me like poo after that.
  1. I had a vocation working at a late spring camp amid school. I had worked at this camp for five summers. This specific summer my closest companion out of the blue kicked the bucket from heart disappointment and I took leave to go to the memorial service. When I gave back, my granddad was on his deathbed and my mom requesting that I ask for additional time off. Clearly resentful, I drew closer my Boss and clarified the circumstance. She said “Well, you’re simply must get over it and move forward. I can’t release you once more.” My granddad passed on the following week. When I told my Boss she said “You ought to have arranged better, you have no deprivation time cleared out.”
  1. Recently, the plant were I worked was confronted with a union drive. So as to figure out who was “at shortcoming” the President organized private gatherings so they could air their issues, with no supervisory or administrative staff were permitted keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that all remarks would stay secret. Amid the gatherings, I happened to visit the HR director’s office and astounded him by simply strolling in. After I was situated he demonstrated that I ought to be peaceful and afterward he straightened out the radio. He was listening in on the “private” gatherings. The President had “pester” the room and the HR supervisor was irately taking notes, so that the Preside


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