Funny Linguistic Misunderstandings to Make You Laugh

Young businessman with Chinese and English script

Funny Linguistic Misunderstandings to Make You Laugh


We’ve all had sad or surprising experiences amid our get-away in different nations. Now and then these can be exceptionally interesting. We’ve been gathering such clever stories on our site, from everywhere throughout the world.

Here are some genuine samples of “tactless act” and false impressions which can come about because of social contrasts


  1. O “Constipado” in Spanish signifies “to have a frosty” – not at all like what it sounds like in English!
  2. O If you are female then don’t say “estoy embarazada” supposing it implies that you’re humiliated. A long way from it, it really signifies “I am pregnant”!
  3. O If you honestly ask a German “Bist du heiss?” (actually: are you hot?) To remark on the climate, he/she might get absolutely the wrong thought!
  4. O For any Americans going by England, please recall that “jeans” in British English are clothing, not trousers!
  5. O Do you like Chinese nourishment? Assuming this is the case, be cautious what you request in an eatery in light of the fact that the word for sugar and soup evidently solid entirely comparative!
  6. O Some mistaken assumptions go past dialect. In Japan it’s considerate to guzzle noisily while eating noodles to demonstrate your hosts that you welcome them. Attempt that technique in England or the USA and you won’t not get welcomed back!
  7.   O In numerous parts of England “having your tea” can regularly signify “The eating your night supper”, and they can addition basically drinking a some tea
  8. O In Spain, requesting “salmon a la plancha” signifies “barbecued salmon” not as one eatery menu interpreted it, “pressed salmon” (since “plancha” in Spanish likewise implies an “iron” for squeezing garments!).

The above samples give you just a little taste of the numerous potential social and phonetic pitfalls which exist around the world. Just by finding out about different dialects and societies would we be able to plan to connect the gap and improve the world a spot.

On the off chance that you have any interesting dialect related accounts or episodes to share then please get in contact. You might even component in a book we’re distributed not long from now.


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