Funny pond story


Funny Pond Story


“I am building a lake as of now and I was presently Building a waterfall toward the side of a wall. The waterfall is Around 3 feet high and 7 feet wide. I thought I was completing up. The waterfall with some level rock on the extremely best. So I straddled the waterfall with my knees on the second edge and set. The level rock on top. When I did this the entire waterfall fell down on the grounds that I assemble it on squares and not a heap of soil. When it fell one major rock got my foot and I slide down the fall and fell in reverse into the lake going the distance under and had two or three major rocks descend on me. Then my wife is chuckling her butt of at me and I requesting that her help. I out she slipped on the level wet shake that encompassed the lakes edge and mostly fell in with me. Presently my two young men were playing in the yard they are 5 and 3 and saw this happen to us and they thought the time had come to go swimming so think about who bounced into the lake with us, the young men. In no way such as having the entire family in on the lake. We giggled for a moment yet at that point. I needed to remake the entire waterfall again and this time I put the top rocks on from the side.


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