Entertaining thing to ask a young lady

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Entertaining thing to ask a young lady


Interesting things to ask a young lady are an incredible approach to break the ice when you first approach her. All the more essentially, the right sorts of amusing things to ask a young lady can lead straightforwardly to getting her intrigued by you, getting her telephone number, or notwithstanding getting a date. The inconvenience when considering clever things to ask a young lady is that most folks have a tendency to get truly anxious and solidify up. Be that as it may, recollect that, she is generally as anxious as you seem to be. Whatever the case, both of you are attempting to make a decent early introduction. The most critical part for you is to simply make a move.

Here are 3 amusing things to ask a young lady that are both intelligent and activity situated:

  1. Would you rather…?

Take after this up with two alternatives that are totally wild, insane or absurd. Great samples are: “Would you rather guzzle a gallon of ketchup or a gallon of mustard?”

“Would you rather be dependent on doughnuts or dependent on medications?”

“Would you rather be caught in a lift brimming with three husky men with terrible breath or three pooches absorbed mud?”

  1. Do you think Tony the Tiger is attractive?

She will think this inquiry is amusing because of sheer stun. In all probability, she will react by saying “What?” Then, you can give a back story along the lines of “Well a day or two ago I was keeping an eye on 6 year old niece when she indicated the TV amid a Frosted Flakes business and said “provocative tiger.” I don’t know where she got that from and I’m thinking about whether it’s only a young lady thing.

  1. What work begins with “f” and closes with “u-c-k?”

Answer: firetruck

She will in all probability say the “f” word after which you can tease her for being truly foul or saying “Goodness, I brain what’s at the forefront of your thoughts.”


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