How to Eat Healthy tips at the Airport


43. Don’t let the labels fool you.

At the newsstand, it’s tempting to grab a granola bar at the side of the most recent issue of ESSENCE. I mean they are healthy right? Wrong. According to Moore, steer clear of candy bars posing as cold cereal bars, along with different tempting treats jam-packed with extra intercalary sugars. Instead she suggests looking for healthy choices within the icebox case like Greek dairy product you’ll combine with a bag of shelled pistachios to satisfy your appetency. Skip the seemingly healthy smoothies as well and choose water (bonus points if it’s from a bottle you fill once longing security). No matter what you decide on to eat remember that the goal is to urge a gentle supply of energy for the busy travel day.

“That’s best achieved with healthy grains, quality protein and hydrating fruits and vegetables,” Moore says. Happy travels!



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