Jon Burgerman’s fans club


1A hangout  with celebrities

An enduring project exploring the gradually more aggressive social norm of creating an inspiring personal way of life narrative within the liberty of social media.With a graduation degree from U.K, Jon Burgerman became master of the art foundation in his early days of professional life. Jon has been at high-flying stature among the artists of his age. He bypassed his own way among the artists of design and illustration. His fame and art started making him star in few days. He delivered lectures, performances, drama and music.

The most recent artwork is an illustrious account with many celebrities. The intelligent and good-humored use of instagram made him popular among bloggers with little efforts. This project is named as “Jon famous friends”.

Thanks for being friends. “Are you famous, I became confused?” Burgerman says. Thank you any way-kendalljennerasd
Your mom did not check your hairs for lice. Let me do this for you.
Burgerman and justinbieber! Welcome to my club! This is amazing honestly

Muscular body check. Burgerman with Schwarzenegger. Thanks for joining “Jon famous friends”.We gathered to see a sea, when Schwarzenegger asked me to check if he needs more exercise this evening. And yes, he needs more! He is muscular member of jonsfamousfriends



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