Kids Funny stories


On love, life and logic. Here are a few excellent examples of such funny kids’ stories

                 Kids’ logic

6-year-old Sami, a gifted child, dependably advised everybody he needed to be a specialist when he grew up. One day as Sami was going through his home playing, he kept running into the edge of a table and hurt his eye. Being a little child, Sami sobbed for some time additionally continued saying, “Goodness, now I can never be a specialist when I grow up.”Sami mother attempting to console him told Sami that he could in any case be a specialist however Sami continued demanding that he proved unable. At last she asked, “Why wouldn’t you be able to be a specialist, Sami?” Holding one hand over his harmed eye, Sami said, “On the grounds that now I will be must a privateer!”

The questions kids askKid Doctor

Four year old child named hairs is in the surgery’s holding up room with his mother when he sees a pregnant woman sitting on a seat on the inverse divider. Having nothing better to do, hairs walks over to her and with wide eyes loaded with interest and asks

“Why is your stomach so enormous?”

The woman serenely answers with a grin, “In light of the fact that I’m having an infant.” With eyes as expansive as saucers,

hairs asks, “Is the child in your tummy?”

“She beyond any doubt is,” answers the woman enchanted by the little child’s guiltless inquiry. Is it a decent infant,” asks hairs with an astounded look all over.

“Goodness, yes. I’m certain it’s a better than average infant,” says the woman with pleasantness thinking how inconceivably adorable the little child is and anticipating what he may say next.As of right now much shockingly, with a considerably more astonished and stunned look than some time recently, hairs asks, “Then why did you eat her


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