Ouch! Unwelcome Surprise After Slamming His Helmet Down In Frustration!


2FC8112E00000578-0-image-a-9_1451897629501 few groups are proceeding onward to the playoffs, and different groups are moving all their rigging out of the locker rooms, in the light of the fact that their season is over.

 For Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter

the main thing moving may be the bone structure in his face after a little on-field disaster! Craftsman was kicking for the Bills in their amusement against the New York Jets on Sunday evening when he missed an additional point after his group scored a touchdown. Additional focuses are typically a beyond any doubt thing, so the way that Carpenter missed it was no bueno — and the kicker didn’t shroud how he felt about it after the play! Ch-ch-look at this little astonish appears ok in the football player’s face after he indignantly responds to his mistake on the sidelines (underneath): Dan Carpenter was not glad subsequent to missing this additional point.


To compound an already painful situation, despite the fact that the Bills won on Sunday, Carpenter’s group won’t be making the playoffs. Be that as it may, there he is, completion the football season and beginning 2016 off on the — sit tight for the kicker play on words — wrong foot! Ha!!h


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