The Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Shows The Road Ahead On Screen So Drivers Can Pass It technology



Semi-trailers are dangerous and nerve-racking obstacles once drivers strive to pass them, so Samsung has come back up with a nice thanks to build things alittle bit easier for different drivers; they’ve hooked up large TVs to the rear so drivers will see the road ahead before making an attempt to pass.

According to Samsung’s video, almost one person dies in a traffic accident each hour in Argentina, so the want for one thing like their ‘Safety Truck’ is unquestionably there. The system is simple, though maybe a bit cost-prohibitive – atiny low camera on the front broadcasts a live feed of the road to the screens on the rear. There’s even a night-vision mode for night-time driving.


The truck’s prototype has already been tested, though no models square measure presently on the road. Samsung claims to be working along with native governments to work out the way to optimize the system for live road use. “So far Samsung has been in a position to make sure that the technology works which this idea will positively save the lives of the many individuals,” they write.


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